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Thank you, home buyers, for your trust!

Ehituskaitse Büroo’s mission is to help home buyers make informed real estate purchase decisions. We thank all the clients, who have entrusted the home inspection of their apartment or house and the end-of-warranty inspection into the hands of our home inspectors!

We continue to inject confidence to home buyers from all walks of life – just as you can entrust a pre-purchase inspection of a car to a mechanic, Ehituskaitse Büroo will help you determine if an apartment or a house is in a good technical condition and safe for your health before you buy it.

Our experienced home inspectors wish you success in making your informed home purchase decisions!

Kadi Kasepõld

We ordered Home Inspection services to assess the condition of the bathroom in the wooden house downtown. The bathroom had been nicely renovated, but the floor sagged when stepped on. The Home Inspection report revealed that the bathroom was in need of major repairs – there was no ventilation system, the waterproofing had been poorly done, causing damage to the flooring and the wall structure as a consquence. Since the apartment was just what we were looking for at the time, we got the price under the estimated cost of repairs and bought it. During the renovation of the bathroom we replaced everything starting with the floor and wall constructions. We are satisfied we made the right decision based on the information we received from Ehituskaitse Büroo.

Karl Von Ramm

Owner of Padise Manor

As a provider of accommodation at Padise Manor, we must always ensure that our guests enjoy the best conditions. That is why an unpleasant odour in a number of guest rooms had us worried about the condition of the bathrooms.
We turned to the Ehituskaitse Büroo for help and asked them to come assess the issue. The Home Inspection helped us through the entire process from identifying to resolving the problem – we were given an assessment of the condition of the shower rooms, recommendations and cost estimates for the necessary repairs.

Andry Purk

My partner and I were looking for our first apartment and wanted the certainty of making the right decision.
The apartment we were looking at was in a new development project. That is when we found Ehituskaitse Büroo services online.
We received a call immediately after making an enquiry and were given advice about the following steps.
We were shown all defects that needed to be repaired on-site. In our new development, these were mostly color defects, faulty window calibration and other small defects.
We most certainly wouldn’t have noticed them all by ourselves. After a few days, we also received a thorough report in written form with photos. Later the report helped us to independently inspect all the repairs that had been done by the developer.
We definitely intend to use the same service again in 22 months, before the end of our apartment’s construction warranty.

Tuuli Roosiväli

Thank you Ehituskaitse Büroo for pleasant and professional assistance!
We ordered the end of warranty inspection service and got assurance about the condition of the apartment due to professional inspection.
We also received a detailed report which we took to the developer for warranty repairs. We will most certainly use Ehituskaitse Büroo services again in the future if we were to acquire a new home.
Thank you very much!

Hanuri Eiland

I ordered an assessment from Ehituskaitse Büroo to evaluate the condition of a new apartment in Tallinn.
During the inspection that was ordered after a friend’s recommendation, I could instantly see that the home inspector’s work is thorough – although the apartment was technically in good condition, I received a long and detailed report as a result of the inspection.
I am pleased with the service ordered and even though no problems were detected, I got the assurance that I made the right decision. I ended up buying the inspected apartment and still live there today.

Mats Hagberg

I am not a professional in construction of apartments etc. so when I make an investment to buy an apartment I want to get support from a professional.
I contacted Ehituskaitse Büroo home inspection services. I got quick response and was assigned a home inspector. After sharing documentation he made visual inspection together with the builder of the apartment.
Ehituskaitse Büroo observations supported me to get builders consent to make corrections to fix the observations. I am very happy with the service I received and would recommend others to use the same to get professional support during a home inspection.

Angeelika Klaar

Thank you for Ehituskaitse Büroo’s expert assistance!
We found an apartment in an old wooden house and decided to have it looked over by professionals before purchasing. The Home Inspector noticed scuffmarks, as a result of the dresser being dragged across the floor. It turned out that the dresser had been placed against an exterior wall to hide extensive mold damage which the owner had tried to remove before the apartment was shown. Further examination found that the facade of the house was in a state of collapse. Wind and rain damage had caused the moisture to come through the walls which was the cause of the mold inside the apartment.

Martin-Kaarlo Neeme

RE/MAX Arena Real Estate Agent

I recommended the home inspection services of Ehituskaitse Büroo to a potential buyer before purchasing an apartment.
Based on the recommendation, he chose the Silver package for the inspection.
The inspection revealed both positive and negative aspects of the apartment’s condition which enabled the buyer to make an informed decision.
The client was very pleased with the service.

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