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Commercial property - Ehituskaitse Büroo is offering real estate inspections for commercial premises

Do you want to feel safe that the space you are buying or renting is safe, and you will get it at a fair price? We help you understand the errors and problems that may come with the commercial space you’re buying, and make a wise choice, saving time and money by avoiding later problems.

Are you building commercial property? We offer owner supervision services and help to legalize buildings by applying for use/ building permits. We also provide all extra services from building surveys to technical audits.

Are you buying commercial space in a new development? AWe also help to find hidden problems in buildings under construction. If you are already settled in new commercial property, we can help you with an end-of-warranty inspection, during which we identify construction errors and omissions, the elimination of which is the builder’s responsibility.

Do you need help with inspecting the commercial space being purchased by you or the one under construction or restoration? Contact us!

Real estate inspection of commercial property
We help to identify hidden defects, construction errors and omissions before you plan to buy commercial space. Real estate inspections prevent unplanned costs of repairs and later problems.
Applying for a building right and a building permit
We assess the existing documentation, apply for design specifications, and help to prepare preliminary projects for a building permit, which help to go through the procedural processes quickly.
Applying for use permits
We legalise illegally erected buildings and help in getting permits to use new properties. We help to prepare and coordinate design changes if the property plan carried out differs from the building project.
Owner supervision
We protect the interests of the customer during the construction process. We offer owner supervision services from designing to applying for a use permit. We provide supervision for all construction works from general building to electrical works.
Construction surveys
Construction surveys for commercial spaces and buildings. We check the compliance of the buildings with the conditions for applying for a use permit. By having a thorough survey, we help to apply for a use permit and legalize the building.
Review of the end-of-warranty period
The warranty period of your business premises or building is coming to an end? As a rule, the builder gives new buildings a 2-year construction warranty, during which the elimination of defects is the responsibility of the builder. We help you find the defects.
We offer services for various commercial premises
  • Office spaces and buildings
  • Shops and service spaces
  • Warehouses
  • Production spaces
  • Hotels, hostels, guesthouses and other accommodation premises
  • Agricultural facilities
  • Heritage-protected objects
  • Objects in milieu areas
With special-purpose buildings, we can help with services to inspect buildings, help to legalize buildings, and check the compliance of commercial buildings with special requirements. We can help with buildings at different stages of construction:
  • Assessment of the construction project
  • The object planned
  • Building at the planning stage
  • Building under construction
  • Building under reconstruction
  • Finished building

Why choose Ehituskaitse Büroo as a partner?

We want to give you confidence when you purchase or rent commercial premises. We help to solve the issues and concerns related to buildings, providing all kinds of assistance with a home inspection, services for owner supervision, as well as complete solutions for the legalisation of buildings.

We are the first home inspection service provider in Estonia
Ehituskaitse Büroo was the first in Estonia to launch a home inspection service. We have extensive experience in construction processes from start to finish – from design and construction to project management and supervision.
We know the construction industry in depth
The Register of Economic Activities has given us the right to work, exercise owner supervision and construct buildings under heritage protection and belonging to the world heritage.
Customers' benefits are our priority
More than 20 years of experience in the Estonian construction market have given us a thorough overview of the state of the construction market, and thanks to our diverse experience in the Northern European construction market, we have adopted a European culture of customer service – we are customer-oriented.
We are an independent and reliable partner
"We can ensure that owners of commercial premises know what they are buying. And in addition, we can help with a wide range of services in the field of construction supervision as well as the legalisation of buildings. Do you want to know more? Contact us!

Some examples of typical construction errors and defects

Not everyone has to be a builder or a construction specialist. The home inspector can detect and highlight hidden or difficult-to-spot problems so that you save time and money by avoiding unplanned repairs.

Insulation of a foundation with poor construction quality
Over time, a significant gap has emerged in the insulation of the foundation, which provides an opportunity for the occurrence of both cold bridges and moisture damage in the main structure of the building.
Installation of a tile floor drain
The cuts of ceramic tiles surrounding the drain are sloppy. Some sharp edges have formed, and the looks of the floor suffer noticeably. It may seem insignificant, but such things begin to interfere with the daily use of the wet room.
Water-damaged door in the wet room
The bathroom door with visible moisture damage in a building that was reconstructed three years ago. The reason can be the wrong type of door for the wet room, but also the poor design of the room, which lets water get into direct contact with the door.

Ehituskaitse Büroo services for business clients

What services can we offer to buyers, owners and builders of commercial premises?

Our main services include:
  • Application for building permits
  • Application for reconstruction projects
  • Application for restoration projects
  • Application for use permits
  • Legalisation of buildings
  • Preparation of cost estimates for repairs
  • Construction budget estimates
  • Construction budget expertise
  • Owner supervision
  • Construction surveys
  • Real estate inspection for commercial premises
  • End-of-warranty inspection
As extra services, we offer:
  • Temperature measurements with a thermal imaging camera
  • Inventory
  • Technical measurements
  • Noise level measurements
  • Insulation analyses
  • Dendrological inventory

Would you like to get more information about our business customer services?

Ehituskaitse Büroo offers business clients complete solutions for pre-purchase real estate inspection, supervision and legalisation of buildings.

Contact Us!

We help you understand what mistakes and problems can accompany property when acquiring an apartment or a house. The Home Inspection Report enables you to make smart choices – and save time and money by avoiding problems down the road.

  • EEO004131 Construction surveillance
  • EMU000456 Heritage Conservation
  • EEH010408 Construction


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