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The construction warranty of your new home is ending?

A homebuilder offers you a warranty, which is generally valid for two years. During this time, the builder is obliged to eliminate all construction errors and omissions.

Ehituskaitse Büroo carries out end-of-warranty inspections for apartments of new developments and other new buildings. An inspection before the warranty expires will help apartment or house to determine whether any problems have occurred, the elimination of which is the responsibility of the builder. Besides, we help apartment associations to determine the condition of the common areas and technical systems, and the need for repairs.

The most common problems are loose skirting boards, cracks in-wall or ceiling corners, poorly moving doors, or faulty underfloor heating. In a worst-case scenario, there may be visible moisture damage in the bathroom, or the electrical system may cause problems.

During the end-of-warranty inspection, the home inspector checks the works done, and determines if any defects should be eliminated by the builder under warranty. The expert assessment of the inspector helps to identify problems that may be difficult to detect for a person not working in the field and provides information on potential problems. So, the homeowner or apartment association doesn’t have to spend their time or money solving problems that the builder is responsible for.

End-of-warranty inspection for HOMEOWNER

  • Overall construction quality assessment
  • Expert quality assessment of interior finishing materials
  • Ventilation and heating system inspection
  • Construction quality control of storage and parking spaces
  • Use permit information
  • On-site visit and inspection
  • A list of works needed to be done by the developer under warranty

End-of-warranty inspection for APARTMENT ASSOCIATION

  • On-site visit and inspection of all common areas (basements, underground car parks, etc.)
  • Inspection of stairwells
  • Overall construction quality assessment
  • Visual inspection of utility systems
  • Expert assessment of the quality of finishing materials
  • Visual inspection of the facade, roof and plinth
  • Yard inspection (canopies, garbage houses, sidewalks, fences)
  • A list of works needed to be done by the developer under warranty

Would you like to get more information on the warranty inspection?

We help to identify construction defects that are covered by the construction warranty, and the elimination of which is the responsibility of the builder.

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The inspector helps to identify construction defects that may be difficult to notice for a person outside the construction industry – problems with finishing, loose skirting boards, leaking technical systems –, and compiles a list of necessary works to be done by the builder under warranty.

  • EEO004131 Construction surveillance
  • EMU000456 Heritage Conservation
  • EEH010408 Construction


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